Jason M. Ranew, Esq.

Jason Ranew

Jason M. Ranew has been fighting for his clients in state and federal courts for over 20 years and has taken more than 60 trials to verdict. Before deciding to focus solely on representing plaintiffs in civil litigation, Mr. Ranew was a prosecutor, appellate lawyer, nonprofit lawyer, and defense counsel for insurance companies. His broad array of experience has given him a keen and candid sense of judgment that he daily puts to work for his clients in order to help them decide how to strive for the best outcomes under their circumstances. Mr. Ranew regularly tells his clients that in our justice system, he has seen a time for just about everything: a time to be cool, and a time to be hot; a time to be congenial, and a time to be brutally honest; a time to hold them, and a time to fold them; a time to extend the olive branch, and a time to relentlessly charge down the field towards justice. Whatever his client’s circumstances might be, he knows his client’s time is right now, and the moment must be redeemed. Mr. Ranew knows that his clients never find themselves in the court system because they want an interesting or enjoyable experience. Rather, his clients are talking to him because difficult and, sometimes, catastrophic things happened. He is ever mindful that his mission is to help his clients to make the best of a tough situation, and to make it easier on them as they simultaneously go about life and handle their litigation. Above all, Mr. Ranew serves his clients with a sense of honor and sees himself as their advocate and guardian.

Currently, Mr. Ranew primarily represents homeowners and business owners whose property insurance claims were either wrongfully denied and underpaid. He is admitted to practice in all Florida state courts, as well as the federal court for the Middle District of Florida. He is also licensed to practice in all Ohio state courts (currently inactive) and in the federal court for the Northern District of Ohio.

Mr. Ranew graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan in 1998, where he majored in finance. In 2001, he received his Juris Doctor, and an M.B.A. in finance, from the University of Akron. He currently lives in the Orlando, Florida area with his wife and children, where he is involved in multiple civic and community activities. When he is not fighting for his clients or spending time with his family, he enjoys tennis, Brazilian jui-jitsu, gardening, hiking, water sports, and reading.

Practice Areas
  • Property Insurance Claims
  • Hurricane Claims
  • Contractor Insurance Claims
  • Fire Claims
  • Water Damage Claims