Consumer Law

When it comes to consumer protection law, experience counts.

Consumer protection laws arise under both state and federal statutes. These laws regulate activities such as the extension of credit to individuals for personal use, the collection of consumer debt and other interactions between businesses and individuals. These laws are complex and the way Courts and administrative agencies interpret these laws is constantly changing. When selecting an attorney to handle your consumer law matter, be sure that the attorney you select has a firm understanding of all state and federal laws implicated by your specific situation, as well as how those laws are currently being interpreted by the Courts in your jurisdiction.

At Kuhn Raslavich, we pride ourselves on always being on the cutting edge of consumer law issues. If you have experienced collection efforts you believe to be improper or abusive, Kuhn Raslavich has the knowledge and experience to help protect your rights under state and federal consumer protection law. Contact Kuhn Raslavich today for a free, no obligation consultation.

The Law You Need To Know

While there are many consumer protection laws, a great deal of consumer litigation arises under just a handful of state and federal laws. The following is brief introduction to some of the more frequently litigated statutes.