Practice Areas

Experienced Legal Counsel When You Need It Most

Florida Homes After Irma | Kuhn Raslavich

Property Insurance Claims

Having competent legal representation during the property insurance claim process can help to ensure you receive full compensation for your loss.

Class Action Litigation

Class Action Litigation

Through the power of class action lawsuits, the attorneys at Kuhn Raslavich have the ability to obtain justice for large groups of individuals that have been harmed by a single bad actor.

Contractor Insurance Claims | Kuhn Raslavich

Contractor Insurance Claims

We believe that every business deserves to be paid in full for the services they perform especially when the provider is coming to the aid of a home or business.

Auto Accident

Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an auto accident, at a business, on the job, or during a medical procedure, we have the experience necessary to help you.

Real Estate Transactions | Kuhn Raslavich

Real Estate Transactions

We offer comprehensive closing, title and escrow services for residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout the state of Florida.

Other Legal Practice Areas | Kuhn Raslavich

Other Practice Areas

With so many different types of law practice areas that overlap with our legal focus, here are some of the additional areas that correspond to our practice.

Consumer Law Protection | Kuhn Raslavich

Consumer Law

At Kuhn Raslavich, we represent victims of unlawful debt collection activity and other consumer protection law violations.